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monionsmonions Posts: 8
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I'm hoping someone out there can help, I'm having trouble finding a nice fitting cycling jersey. The particular problem appears the be the length of my torso, I never really thought I was out of proportion but having tried various jerseys it would appear that perhaps I am! So far my relatively short tried & failed list contains the following:

Santini Giro by Paul Smith (xl)
Rapha Classic (xl)
Rapha Etape (xl)
Howies slipstream (l)

All were really nice jerseys in their own right but they all felt a little short in the body & when sat on the bike they seemed to ride up (no pun intended), especially the Howies which wasn't slightly longer at the rear.

If there are any similarly ill proportioned riders out there who had the same struggle, or any normals that found a particular jersey too long, suggestions/advice would be appreciated. I'm hoping for something fairly plain looking.


  • indypindyp Posts: 735
    I found Castelli to be ok in body length, also think Gore are pretty long but not 100% sure on that. The new Assos Uno ss is shorter in body than the previous model, which is fairly long compared to other brands, don't know why they've changed it.
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    I would say go for Gore, I am 195cm with long body and short legs and Gore is ok, so its Rapha. Castelli I wouldn't use.
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  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I'd try Castelli and Gore. Probably add Giordana to the list too.

    I'm 5'11" (leggy though) and wear a Small Giordana jersey, Castelli may work for my as I have to size up to Medium (often adds an inch).
  • Having Rapha, Castelli, Assos etc the longest torso ones I've found are Mavics.
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  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    i am also long in the body and have found Craft to be very good

  • neebneeb Posts: 4,448
    I had an Endura jersey a few years ago that used to annoy me because it was too long. Don't know if the pattern/sizing has changed since then though.
  • I've also got a Sugoi jersey that is an inch or so longer in the body
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  • youngusayoungusa Posts: 4
    I order a Ghost Wolf Jersey for my long body ...
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Assos are generally longer-bodied than most IME, although the 2013 styling is pretty marmite (I'm in the "it's fugly" camp...)
  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    I'd look at Torm, there's a thread on here about them. I've got both Torm and Rapha in the same size and the Torm jersey is a couple of inches longer front and back.
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  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    I have 2 altura tops which are the longest of any I have owned
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    Go for a Vulpine Jersey, look how much they stretch! On second thoughts, don't :D

  • bigharjbigharj Posts: 78
    I have been searching this problem too, I am 6ft 7in tall and longer in the body & arms than I am in the legs. I can fit most kit off the shelf for the lower body.

    Anyway here are your options.

    Speak to Doreen and she'll can get a made to measure jersey made up for you. It just happens today I took delivery of my jersey and it was 3 inches too short however after a quick call to Doreen, she just said return the item and inform her of how many extra inches I wanted in the length. At only 10% extra on cost, it's good value of money and so far the customer service has been good.

    I know it's a fake but people like us, jersey manufacturers won't make one off sizes. I ordered 3xl Sky kit, sizing was a bit small, it's wearable however after emailing them, they advised me they would do a made to measure with extra length for $8 extra. It's better than my existing kit so I am not complaining.

    I hope it helps

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