QECP Gravity Enduro Update

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Three weeks to go until the inaugural QECP Gravity Enduro!! Wow that has come up fast, but the trails are nearly complete and are running really well. The trails are definitely a good mix of both 'gravity' and 'enduro' so you're going to get a good all round test, which is what it's all about!
For those who didn’t manage to get a place in the race, there will be plenty to see for spectators and a good bit of banter always makes for a great race so come down to watch and support.
Finishing off the tracks with a bit of strimming: 9199335734_b114b74e8d.jpg

Last night we test the timing system, radios etc. It all went really well. It’s going to be a really fun/hard race.
Bag packed: 9199309270_19b9d776f0.jpg

Martin AKA the king getting ready for some testing: 9199303108_634f0200b5.jpg

Bike ready: 9196485403_02a619f486.jpg

Ewan & M0rk Going to the top of the hill: 9196476309_df544af934.jpg

And holding hands: 9196467357_2318c184db.jpg

The King & Paul Going to the top of the hill: 9199242906_8f597af6d4.jpg

Rups our timing man trying to brake his software: 9199234450_b81fe150e8.jpg

Some results from testing: 9196445471_cbfdba5ba0.jpg

Some more info for you:

There will be a 3 hour morning practice starting at 8.30.

The race will be 2h 30mins long for Sport and PRO categories and 2h 45mins long for Women, U18 & Fun categories.

Stages will be 3 to 6 mins long for average rider.

There is one transition route on it needs to be used in Practice and the race (No short cuts to the top of the hill) that is cheating!

Helmet must be worn at all time when riding your bike (Including on the Transition)

There will be no practice on the trail on the Saturday, we will be taping all the trail and finishing bits off (We don’t want to get Run over) The red route at QECP will be fully open so you can get your eye in there if you want.

You can walk the stages on the Saturday afternoon after we have taped them. (NO Riding them though)

We will get the results up online ASAP after the race.

We will release the start times the Wednesday before the race, but if you want to practice all 4 stages I suggest you get here as close to 8.30 as possible.

Feel free to ask any other Questions.
Cheers Scott