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Factor : Vis Vires - Thoughts?

jamiemilbournjamiemilbourn Posts: 62
edited July 2013 in Road buying advice
What are peoples thoughts on this machine?

I cant decide if I like the look of it and on first glimpse it is way out of my price range...

However, if you factor in the fact it has a power meter, Garmin 810, Carry bag, Dura Ace 9070 etc it sort of brings it in line with some other high end bikes.

Perhaps it is another Marmite bike - I just cant decide if i like it or loathe it?


  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    I've seen it in the flesh as a friend of mine is a bike engineer for them and has been testing it in local races. I'd say its a good bike, I agree it is a little function over form and the front fork is a little strange looking but it all has a purpose.
    As well as their own crankset providing power readings, the Garmin 810, the scion bike pod, etc, the wheels are on a par with Enve for aerodynamics apparently. On a recent test ride in France for a magazine, the bike was ridden by a pro (don't know his name but a promising youth who's name I could find out if needed) and he said it was the best bike he'd ridden on a climb (I must add though he was riding hand built wheels from a local guru rather than Factors own but that still leaves the rest of the bike Factor.)

    I'm not saying its the best bike in the world, I think they are targeting a premium market, a la Cervelo or Apple style and I read somewhere they said they will never sell a bike for less than 2.5k so they are confident it is worth the money.
    They also have longer term ambitions for providing a grand tour team which is pretty bold talk but believable as they are a pretty clever and motivation organisation.

    I sound a little biased, I'm not connected to Factor in any way other than a friend (who won't even let me ride it!) but I've seen the work and thought that has gone into it
  • Interesting - shame he did not let you ride it!

    They must do test rides... time for an enquiry i reckon!
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    I'll push the issue at next race we do together for a little test ride beforehand and let you know
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Some of our club were invited by Factor to a meeting with them to discuss their nee power cranks. We got to see a sneak of the bike as well as the Aston bikes. I think the design is a leap forward but whether or not the relatively conservative buying public will go for it is another matter(let alone the UCI!)
    I think their power cranks are a major improvement as they are virtually fit and forget. From what I remember they do not require calibration like others and the installation looked very neat.
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824 ... 2-13-47403

    Still not sure I'd spend 10k on it though, or any other bike for that matter
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