Tall road bike options?

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6'6" rider pondering my choices. I've ridden on a Tricross Comp (the old one with zertz bits) on some Durano tyres for quite a while, but quite fancy getting something swift for sportives and things, comfy enough for the odd 100 mile ride would be good.

Looks like quite a few companies have stopped making bigger frames, or the claimed sizes don't match the actual? My Tricross is a 61cm and it feels a bit short, BB to saddle is about 87-88cm so I'm looking for 62-64cm frames.

Current thoughts are Caad10 105 or a Canyon of some sort. Any other ideas or current good deals floating about? Budget about 1000-1500 or so, 105 or above ideally. I'd ponder an Allez but they seem to have stopped making 63cm frames this year.

Would a Canyon Ultimate CF be a bit brutal for a newer rider?