Real or fake Ritchey seatpost?

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I saw this link on ebay for a cheap Ritchey stem. Looks too good to be true but the retailer (absolute cycles) seems to have a physical shop in the UK. What do people think, real or fake. Shards of carbon up the @rse not fun... ... 43afe13ab3


  • springtide9
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    This is the normal price ( Google :: "Ritchey WCS Alloy Seatpost" )
  • keef66
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    Definitely no danger of carbon shards with that :wink:
  • FransJacques
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    I'd read it a bit closer, what part of "One piece 3D-Net forged 7075 alloy seatpost from Ritchey" implies carbon?

    Your BS detector is faulty or needs new batteries.
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  • calmx5
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    I own one - certainly not fake.