Couple of chain questions..

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I'm shortly to replace my 10-speed chain and cassette (Tiagra 12-28 --> 12-30), and the man in the Giant shop said I wanted one extra link in the new chain compared with the old one.


Question 1: is this advice correct?

Question 2: a 105 chain is Ok with Tiagra chainwheels and cassette right?

Question 3: should I buy some of these and keep a couple in the seat pack along with the chain splitter?

Cheers :)
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  • flappy8
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    Yes - 1 link =2 teeth
    Yes.... although many here would go for a KMC chain instead
    You could if you were worried about it breaking
    MTB or Road - They are both good!
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    I would go with:

    1. Probably, but you would need to work this out for yourself using the old school method (round the big cog and big ring, missing the RD, + 1) or my preference which is this useful website: ... hcalc.html

    Bear in mind you will also need to check the B stop setting on the RD as you may need to back this off to give the optimum clearance.

    Sheldon explains it all here:

    2. Yes, but I would definitely go for a KMC x10L next time around. Great chains and good VFM.

    3. I would forget about pins and get some KMC Missinglinks to make chain cleaning and fettling a doddle. Also worth keeping a spare one in your saddle bag along with something like a Parktools Mini-Brute.