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In the market for a new carbon bike. Cinelli, Moser, Trek

FergsterFergster Posts: 21
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Hi all I hope you can help. I'm looking at a buying a new carbon framed road bike.

After returning from a weeks cycling in Majorca riding a carbon bike I think I've seen the light. Currently my good bike is a Fuji team SL which is a cracking bike and very light however on our terrible roads the alloy frame isn't that comfortable as I'd like.

The tax man has given me a nice little rebate which is helping to influence my decision to change.

Firstly I'm very tempted by two bikes wiggle have on sale. The cinelli saetta sprint veloce at nearly £1100 it seems a bargain. ... loce-2012/ the only problem is its compagnolo and I've no experience of that system being a shimano man all my cycling days.

The next bike to take my fancy is the moser 111 ultegra also from wiggle. It's on sale too for £1200 which also seems a good deal.

Then a trip to my local bike shop has revealed the trek domane 4.5 for around £1800. Nice bike and plenty of new technology. They also stock Merida ride 95 and the sculptura for roughly the same price.

Now I know there's a whopping £600 difference at least between wiggles offerings and the LBS but people's views would be most helpful. I would like a bike similar to my old Fuji team SL which is fast and can really be ridden hard and stands out from the crowd by being unique.

Thanks in advance.


  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,955
    Seriously that Cinelli is all the bike you will (probably) ever need! I have one and prefer it to my old Ti bike. Do what I did, sell the factory wheels for about £100 and get some Ksyrium Elites that way for about £1400 you will have a great bike which is better value than any Canyon, PX or Ribble plus you wont see that many on the road.
  • FergsterFergster Posts: 21
    Hi Solboy. Sounds like your well impressed with the cinelli is yours compag or shimano group set? Are there any negatives about the bike? What's your views on the handling of it?
  • jotkojotko Posts: 457
    Another vote for the Cinelli.

    I got mine when Wiggle were doing the 105 version for £1000 last year, its a brilliant bit of kit.

    The only real negative I can think of is it doesn't have internal cable routing - a pretty minor niggle really.

    Mine came with Shimano RS-10s which are a pretty budget wheelset but have actually served me very well - put over 1000 miles on them with no issues. I think the veloce one has Miche wheels so not sure how they compare.

    Buy it!
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,955
    This is my fist CF bike and all I know is I like it. It is comfortable and lively yet very stable. I am a big guy and the frame has very little flex but I can ride 50/60 miles and still feel fresh. I have 105 and its fine but I would prefer campag. I rode an eddie merkx with Veloce once and thought it was better than 105 tbh. The finishing kit is really good and my saddle which is a Cinelli is the most comfy saddle I have every had. I got the blue and it looks amazing, on a recent charity ride I got compliments all day long on the look of the bike. The best way to sum this up is I now ride more, harder, faster and I am riding more and more aggressively as a result of the riding position and reduced fatigue which can only be due to the bike and the excellent Mavic wheels I have put on the it. If you want my advice at the moment the Saetta and Basso at wiggle are the best deals around right now. Don't wait and get caught out when the bike you want goes out of stock!
  • FergsterFergster Posts: 21
    Question is Red or Blue lol
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