Clattering after changing wheels....

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Hi all,

Recently upgraded the wheels on my bike, whilst out riding on saturday the bike suddenly developed an almighty clattering noise upon pedalling, which seemed to be coming from the crank area/front gear mechanism.

Would anyone have any general ideas about what that could be?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


  • turnerjohn
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    its most likely your gears need a tweek....not all wheels are exactly the same....check the limit screws on the mech as well...could need a tweak as well
  • SpainSte
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    Ok great, I thought thats what it might be but wanted to double check.

    Is this something I'll be able to do myself? Or is it an LBS job?
  • desweller
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    If it's present all the time you should be able to up-end the bike and give the cranks a spin to identify the fault. Loud noises are usually bad.

    Remember that bikes are very simple; very few jobs are LBS-only jobs unless you are particularly ham-fisted!
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  • SpainSte
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    Thanks for the info, its mainly just lack of tools that drives me to the shop. I've started collecting them as I need them now though so should have a full set soonish!
  • To index your gears all you need is a Philips head screwdriver and some patience - I did mine for a few years just by turning the bike upside down and learned how by reading this forum, Park Tools and U-Tube vids. I now have a workstand which makes it easier.
  • SpainSte
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    Thanks for the advice all! I'll give it a try this evening and will report back tomorrow ;)
  • maringirl
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    Check cassette is tight on - if they are not it sounds like a bag of spanners!