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Hope brakes refurb

twinktwink Posts: 30
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Hi. Have just replaced my front brake as was too leaky for a quick fix. I now have a spare Mono Mini Pro brake that has a slow leak from the caliper end. I would have to bleed brake every 3-4 hours of riding ( would last me an afternoon so never really dealt with it) and would be fine but then would slowly lose power over an hour or so until not usable anymore. The leak was not obvious as to where it was coming from exactly and checked tightness etc

So my questions are: does someone offer a refurb service for this? ( did have a quick google on this but nothing immediately came up).
Or, is it likely to be just the seals? ( In which case I can probably do myself, though never actually done it before).

Seems a shame just to sling it. I could get this one going, replace my rear one and have a set to put on the lads bike to replace his fairly ropey mechanical disc brakes.

Or is it really not worth it?

Any feedback appreciated.


  • maringirlmaringirl Posts: 195
    Replace the seals including the one on the bore cap. You can also replace pistons if they look worn. Not an expensive job and any decent bike shop should do it for you - if you are in Chorley area PM me as we can fix these (in most cases!)
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Tried Hope?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    twink wrote:
    So my questions are: does someone offer a refurb service for this? .
    most bike shops can fix bike things asked any?
    twink wrote:
    Or, is it likely to be just the seals? .
    could well be.
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  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Email Hope at [email protected] they do a rebuild service for most of there stuff or will put you in touch with a Hope dealer in your area. I rebuilt a pair of 10 year old Hope Minis a while back and it was all easy to do I bought the rebuild kit from chainreaction. Only problem was getting one of the pistons out which meant a trip to my local petrol station to use the air line to blow it out.
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  • twinktwink Posts: 30
    Cheers all.

    Hope do for £40 and P&P. May do myself though.
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