Brakepads rubbing against tyre

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So, I need your help...

After replacing my brakeset I now have a problem whereby my brakepads are rubbing the tyre. I cannot lower the block any more (pic below).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about adjusting the brakes so that they do not rub against the tyre?

Thanks :)



  • marcusjb
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    Can you do a slightly more zoomed out photo?

    Have you managed to mix up front and rear brakes?

    What were you replacing, and what have you replaced them with?

    What is the frameset?
  • Spenge
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    Its a 2008 Trek 1.2, I replaced the stock brakes which according to the Trek website were 'Alloy dual pivot' with SRAM Apex. I have compared the two and they look pretty similar size wise, but that might not say much.

    I have the same problem with the front brakes too, I didn't realise that there are front and rear brakes :oops: Given that I am having the same problem on both do you think it is worth swapping them around?

    Sorry for the blur, but hopefully this picture is better

  • amaferanga
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    Looks like you need deep drop brake callipers.
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  • Mindermast
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    The break is too short. On a modern frame, it is pretty difficult to mount a rear brake on the fork, you would have noticed. And anyway, it woldn't make a difference.
  • sungod
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    brakes have a 'drop', the maximum vertical distance between the centre pivot and the centre of the blocks

    for deep drop brakes it's c. 57mm, otherwise it's c. 49mm

    looks like the original brakes were deep drop

    sram apex are not deep drop

    for black deep drop look at tektro r539, or shimano r451, for silver the shimano r650 are nicer

    whichever, bin the supplied pads and fit koolstop salmon or swissstop ones
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  • Spenge
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    Thanks everyone, I thought as much but hoped that wouldn't have been the case.

    Thanks sungod for the deep drop calipers suggestions, much appreciated.
  • Yossie
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    Yup - afraid that you have fitted the wrong brakes - you need deep drop.

    As above, the Shimano ones are (I think offhand) equivalent to Ultegra) - about £15 ish from CRC for a rear - I have one on the back of the winter bike and its been so far.

    Not sure on SRAM equivalent but I'm sure they do them.