arm pain after 20kms or so

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bought myself a bike a few months ago, Radon R1

been out putting the kms in and think im doing pretty good for a 'not slim' 100kgs, 40 year old, 6ft 2in ex 2nd row (as a kid).

but no matter what i do i keep getting a pain in my shoulder after 20 to 30 kms or so.

I went for a bike fit at a local store (i live in Germany) which uses the Specialzed fit system but just seemed to be a guy who stuck you on a trainer and looked (not saying thats a bad thing).

resulted in a new saddle, seat height adjustment, flipped stem and shorter by 10mm, the bike came with 120mm but i'd already swapped that out, after bike fit i'm now on a 90mm stem, with the couple of spacers that the bike came with under, surely i cant need it even higher? gonna look like im on a penny farthing soon....

but still that pain is there. honestly i feel like ive tried everything and not sure what to do, my legs have tons more miles in them but the pain builds up so much in my shoulder that it makes a 60km trip feel like torture.

probably exaggerating a bit its not like im actually dying, i can shake the arm pain off by getting out of the saddle for a bit, or taking my arm off the bars and shaking it a bit, so its def a weight on the arm thing?

tried moving saddle angle up a bit more to try and relieve any excess weight that maybe coming from me sliding forward but that just made my knackers go numb this morning ;-O

ive also tried to relax more, shoulders, neck, move positions, i bought some FSA Omega bars to allow being in the drops to be more comfortable.

nada, still that pain.

feel like ive tried every adjustment i can tbh.

any ideas? is that bike a particularly racy geo?