Time difference between tt on turbo to on the road?

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Hi guys,

As iv never done a tt before I thought I try on the turbo before I do a real one.

Did a 10miles in 22 minutes.

Now I know putting that on to the road is different with head winds, gradient and road surface. But what time roughly would be added just so I can get a rough idea.

Thanks in advance



  • KonkyWonky
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    There is no simple answer as there are so many variables.
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  • simon_e
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    There's absolutely no point comparing them, even training on a tt course isn't the same as racing it. You'll never know until you pin on a number and ride a 10 mile time trial for real. Go and do one, it's great.
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  • ednino
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    All my local TT routes are on Strava so its easy to go out & do one on your own & see how fast you are