Broken Hip. @ 10 weeks

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Long story short:

After a bit of a cloudy, dull day in Sheffield on Monday the sun rolled out at around 6pm.

So, I put the rollers back & decided to go out in the fresh air for a quick hour.

Off I went & for no real reason decided to try a different quick route round town.

Approaching a main junction I stopped at a red light. Set off again, and crossed the tram tracks at an angle of at least 45 degrees and was going no more than 10mph.
No warning, no wobble, the front wheel went violently underneath me & I hit the ground HARD.

No way I could get up and the traffic came to a standstill and the paramedics duly arrived. I was administered gas & air and also morphine even though they didn't think I'd broken anything.

Tried to roll me on to a back board &............... PAIN!

Anyway, to the hospital and in to x-ray. Dr walks up & says "bad news Richard.......BROKEN HIP!".

In to theatre where they pin the fracture. They decided against a straight replacement due to my age (40).

Had an epidural in the operation but managed to wake up half way thought so had to have anaesthetic as well!!

So After a sleepless night in a hip fracture ward, (mostly old patients) 2 young Dr's come on to the ward to see me.
They were a bit vague on everything but said once I'd done the 'stair test' I old be allowed home later in the week.

I'd already said I didn't want anymore morphine so when the physio came round I said grab some crutches & let's try these stairs!
Managed to do it ok.
Fracture nurse came round & told me probably 8/10 weeks with no weight, up to 2 years for full rehab etc etc. Never saw or had any conversation with my surgeon either before or after!!


Now it's Saturday morning & here I lay with a busted hip, confidence shattered and feeling thoroughly ****** off!!

So, what now?
Not much, investigating physio's as other than hydro pool don't really want to use general NHS ones (no offence in that). It's just that at 40, I need to make sure I do this right cos if I don't then it could maybe mean years of discomfort & also no training. Having my pals & family round for visits, watching the Giro on TV etc etc.

I work in professional sport and have always kept fit & active. To hear a Dr say they had no idea where I'd end up was CRUSHING.

I'd put weight on over Xmas & new year and with the crap weather I'd felt myself getting in a rut. So for the last 2 weeks I'd been out almost everyday. In the cold, damp, wet determined to get back in good shape & enjoy the summer, then...........