Thin strips of sticky tape - but where do they go...?

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I took delivery of my Ribble Gran Fondo last week and am in the process of putting the last bits on it. Included within the accessories were two thin strips of sticky tape but I have no idea where they are supposed to go.


These are the items in question - the two plastic parts I know are for adjusting brakes/gears and the saddle stem bracket was obvious so those mysteries have been solved. But I'm still none the wiser on where the black strips go.

Do these go around the handlebar before I attach it to the stem? Or does a little grease ensure that there is no metal on metal scraping between the two?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    the tape is from the bar tape kit that they used to build the bike. they did not use it and probably used insulation tape instead.
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    Are you sure they don't go on the chain stay to protect the frame from chain slap?
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    They are for terminating the bar tape. They're too thin to stand up to the chain; you want helicopter tape for that job.
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    They are for gagging the mrs when she nags you for buying a new bike.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    They are for gagging the mrs when she nags you for buying a new bike.

    Look too narrow for that? Like using steri strips on someone who's lost a leg.

    Anyway, it's the 21st century; it ain't green to throw away tape every time you break her rules; get a ball gag and reuse.
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  • Thanks for the help - thought they might be spares but none of the instruction manuals for the various bits of kit mentioned them so I was in the dark.

    Was holding off on putting on the handlebars before I knew what they were for so can complete the build tonight.

    Will keep the gagging idea as a potential use, they are too thin though.
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    They may be for protecting the headstock from the cables rubbing, how many spacers you leave under the stem will determine where the cables sit.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    They are for gagging the mrs when she nags you for buying a new bike.

    still chuckling lol...
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