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Carrera Gryphon vs. Giant Escape 3 - fast advice needed

IceQubedIceQubed Posts: 6
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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out which bike to get. I will be using it mostly for road and dirt track/towpaths etc. Nothing too challenging, a general use bike, that may come in handy for commuting in a few years. I will be taking it to uni when I go this September.

I can get the Carerra Gryphon for about £350 from Halfords or the Giant Escape 3 for about £250 from a local store. The Giant Escape 3 has a £50 off deal which will last until tomorrow (30/06/13), so I would love some advice quickly if possible!

This will be my 18th birthday present, and I think that my mother wouldn't be too happy paying the extra £100 for the Gryphon. She is also complaining that it is too much of a 'road bike' in that its thin tyres will not be suitable for anything other than roads and gravel paths. I have fallen in love with it however, but I don't know how likely it would be for me to get it.

Is the Escape 3 a good bike, comparable to the Gryphon?

Many thanks


  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Have you tried lifting them? The Gryphon is MUCH lighter than the Escape. The Escape is pretty heavy and not really that great at anything to my mind. You would be better off with a Carrera than the giant any day at that price. If you want mild off road then you could look at the Carrera Vengeance. Decathlon is also good if you are near one.
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