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C2Work scheme - short list of 2

dg1973dg1973 Posts: 18
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Title edit. Now a short list of 3.

Hi there apologies for yet another what bike thread...... But

I am new to road riding having bought a Genesis Volant 00 early may. I have quickly become very keen and am capable of long (100km) rides at a decent enough lick (16mph).
All was going well until I found out about my company's C2 work scheme. I was toying with upgrading wheels/group on the genesis over the course of time, cost being the sticking point.
I am now going to use the c2w scheme and upgrade bike. My max ticket is £1000 which with the discount is an affordable £55 ish a month. My short list which I though was set in stone was the

Cannondale CAAD8 105 ... e-ec042915

Scott Speedster 20 ... e-ec042437

This is until I went into LBS to look at the Scott and was led to this
Focus Culebro 2.0 ... -bike.aspx

The focus has ultegra group whereas the caad and Scott both have 105. There seem to be far more reviews on the Internet re the CAAD and the Scott , pretty much all glowing reviews too.

Has anyone any experience/knowledge of the Focus?
Do I go with the more popular bikes or the better groupset?

Advice most appreciated.

Why is buying a new bike so difficult?


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