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Charge Cooker Mid - Anyone ridden one?

bengabenga Posts: 8
edited June 2013 in MTB buying advice

Looking at the Charge Cooker Mid 2012 as a first proper MTB. Has anyone got one or ever ridden one? Can't find one in stock so I'll have to order it online. Not sure it was great value at £800, but I've seen it for around £600 so I'm thinking that its probably a good buy for that price.

Love the idea of a steel frame and British design. Not sure the forks are that great but should be able to upgrade them in 6 months or so. Also worried it looks a bit heavy, but I think this could be remedied with a few choice upgrades further down the line.

Just getting in riding off road - went out round Cannock Chase a few weeks ago and caught the bug :) I guess the most technical/difficult terrain the bike will see for the first year is going to be around Cannock.

No where seems to have many mountain bikes in stock at the moment - everywhere is full of road bikes. Guess thats down to the tour just starting and the olympics last year. Doesn't help when you are trying to find a new bike though!

Any view/thoughts would be appreciated.



  • bengabenga Posts: 8
    Sorry - forgot to add the link.

    This shows the spec, but I've found it cheaper. ... r-Mid-2012
  • Rad2474Rad2474 Posts: 162
    Well I'm no expert,far from it, but the voodoo bokor or bizango look better for the same price. £600 i think.Also look on Amazon at the forme stag looks good for the money. but like i said i'm no expert i'm sure better informed people will advise you.
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