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GT I-drive "Dog-Bone" issue

vrchrisvrchris Posts: 38
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a knocking/clunking noise when peddling on my GT i-drive. Initially I thought it was a knackered BB but a few forum searches and a further look at my bike and I have diagnosed the problem as a worn dog-bone

Its the eccentric style GT -I-drive, not sure of the year

Problem is I can't find one anywhere - anyone any ideas or any solution as to how to "fix" /bodge the one ive got. All thats wrong with it is the dog bone wobbles even when bolts are tightened up. Ive tried greasing them up real good but that hasn't fully solved the problem
"If in doubt, go flat out!" - Colin McRae RIP

GT - iDrive 4.0


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