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First full carbon venture.

ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
edited July 2013 in Your road bikes
Thought I would post an image or two of my first full carbon bike. Man, it's smooth!!!

Aside from my new Gallium pro, I have a bottom of the range Argon 18 radon and there's such a difference in speed and feel. Much more than I thought.

Anyway enough rambling.



  • peasepease Posts: 150
    Very simple styling which I like. A local shop stocks these and alway look good I the window, possibly on the shortlist when n+1 situation arrives.
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  • mattwoodmattwood Posts: 148
    Lovely bike! I have a 2011 Krypton myself. Don't see too many of them around either.

    Not usually a fan of black and white either, but I do like that :) Enjoy!
  • mugsmugs Posts: 46
    That's gorgeous. I love most Argon 18 bikes and this one is great. I also appreciate the way that the cranks pull in the red on the wheels. My initial thought was 'needs monochrome wheels' but then clocked the cranks and realised they go together quite well in a subtle way. Nice.
  • stevenbstevenb Posts: 717
    Very nice mate.
    I like the black and white theme.
    Enjoy! :D
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    Cheers guys.

    I will be removing the red stickers from the wheels shortly and fitting a pair of gp4000s, as i split the front Ultremo last weekend.

    I'd love a set of cosmic carbones, I think they'd look great but can't justify the price or the fact I'd be even slower up the hills.
  • mattwoodmattwood Posts: 148
    Here's mine (because I like to show it off ;-) )
    mattwood wrote:

    Rides very well indeed! Would love a 2nd like yours though ;)
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    Lovely krypton there. Everyone has there tastes but I believe every Argon is a nice Argon!!!

    Here's my Radon:

  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    And now, very much black and white. Well almost!!!

  • mrbrightsidemrbrightside Posts: 214
    Where did you get the change of wheels stickers from?
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    I just peeled off the red stickers.
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