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Voodoo Bokor knocking sound from the pedal

user11883user11883 Posts: 3
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech

I bought a Voodoo Bokor off ebay a few months ago. The bike was stock and didn't come with any manuals.

It developed a knocking sound on the left pedal recently. It's happening only if I pedal down hard, and when the pedal is slightly after the top position. Otherwise it's pretty much silent.

I've taken a sound recording of it inside a parking garage. I was using the brakes and pedalling hard.

I'm wondering what might be wrong with it?

Unfortunately, I don't have any tools apart from a Leatherman and a multi tool allen wrench, which I know is silly for someone who owns a mountain bike. I haven't had the bike for long and didn't need tools before. I'm thinking of buying one of those 50 or 100 piece tool sets from Halfords or somewhere similar. What are your thoughts on that?



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