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Anyone have any idea when the sales on this years bikes are likely to start?

I know its only mid summer but i see that several manufacturers are launching their 2014 models over the next couple of months, so will the 2013 bikes be discounted from then? or will it be later in the year?



  • john1967
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    It's around end of september and beginning of October.But its worth waiting as you can get some real bargains if you time it right.
  • luv2ride
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    I've heard that Specilaized are rolling out new 2014 bikes July/August this year, so if other manufacturers follow suite the sales might be a little earlier than normal??
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  • ct8282
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    Personally I think that's completely f-ing retarded. If they release bikes in July/August they're clearly released in 2103 so are 2013 bikes. Where did these manufacturers come up with such stupid bollox?
  • Monty Dog
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    Start expecting discounts from August. It might be f*-tarded but it is the component manufacturers that set the 'pace' and they start launching 2014 product ranges in the late-summer - the bike makers simply follow suit.
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  • i happen to know that merida have certainly started manufacture of 2014 models as i have one on order with a delivery date for early august!
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  • clunkychunky
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    thanks for the replies.
    role on august/september! hoping to find a great deal.

    in the meantime, if anyone sees a focus izalco pro or felt f4 heavily discounted please please please let me know!