Can i use a mtb saddle on my road bike

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I have a Carrera Vulcan, that i have had a few years and is my daily work commute, i have been looking for a new saddle for a while for my road bike and find my vulcan one REALLY comfy, given that a road and mtb have different riding positions would i be able to swap it over? Or is this likely to cause problems? just to give you some idea of the size of the saddle in question. It is 155mm across at its widest point and is 265mm from nose to back and its seating area is flat, it doesnt curve down at the edges at all. Would i be better trying to find a road bike saddle that matches these dimensions, or is damn close?


  • monkimark
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    Is the mtb saddle comfortable on the road bike?
    Seems to me that's the only important point.
  • haven't tried swapping them over yet as i will probably manage to mess up what is a very comfy position on the mtb
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    My MTB and road saddle are both about 130 and my daughters down hill style Kona MTB is 155mm so (having looked at hers) I would say get a new saddle.
    Why are you happy to put the MTB saddle on permanently but not just to try it?
    If its a short ride then it may be comfortable, but then you will have a 3 mile road bike :? as longer rides on it will probably be a pain.
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    It will be fine, some MTB saddles are designed for specific applications but i think you will find no issues with yours