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looking for tall narrow bike - focus izalco??

everydayimridingeverydayimriding Posts: 26
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
I'm after a bike to suit my disproportioned body which is 6'5 long but is mainly legs (38" inseam); I have a relatively short torso.
So I've been comparing the geometry of various bikes and strangely enough it seems the Focus Izalco pro in a 62cm is a good shout for me (effective top tube = 58.8). I say strange because isn't the Focus is marketed more as a race machine than a comfortable, sportive bike? The Domane (ett = 59.3), the Roubaix (60) and the Synapse (60) all have a longer ett for the same seat tube length. The Focus has a shorter head tube but I'm happy with this as my arms a lengthy too.

So am I comparing like for like? Does anyone have an Izalco pro in this size and can they vouch for the short-ish top tube?

Unfortunately availability seems to be low and the local dealers won't get one in to try out in unless I make some commitment.
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