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spacers for shimano tigra triple fc4603 chainset

radiation manradiation man Posts: 446
edited June 2013 in Workshop
just about to fit my shimano tigra fc 4603 triple chainset and fitting instructions says fit a 3mm spacer and a ring, the spacer comes with the chainset but the ring isnt included for some reason so is it still needed?


  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    There is usually a ring already fitted to the axle next to the drive side crank. It looks like part of the crank.
  • yes thats on the drive side the ring i need fits on the left side just after the bearing cup then the 3mm spacer then the crank arm, its shows you it on the tech spec on the shimano site for the fc 4603 chainset.
  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    Im with you now radiation man. A ring is also shown for the 6703 Ultegra but I have never seen/used one. The spacer is always provided in my experience. Dont know what the ring is for, doesnt seem to matter.
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