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Hello, i'm just after some info as to whether the the price for a pair of these shoes is worth it. I suffer from some form of foot problem which leads to my foot feeling like i've walked bare foot on a hard surface after a couple of hours on the bike. After a recent bike fit I was recommended some Blue Specialized BG footbeds which I used for a couple of weeks commuting to work every day and a couple of 50 mile rides at the weekend on a long ride home hoping the rock hard footbed would mold to my foot and become more comfortable. It hasn't.

So basically, are shoes that you can bake in the oven such as the Bonts Riot and Bont A3 any good and any better than moldable insoles such as the ones available from Sole?

Any info greatly appreciated.




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    My mate swears by his Bonts, took him 3 or 4 times to get them molded just right, but he loves them.

    I'm a bit miffed actually as I went for Specialized Experts at £160 when I now think I should've spent a bit more on the Bonts as I'm finding them a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours.
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    The Bont A3s are a bit of a bargain when you price them up against other top end shoes, they may not be carbon but the fibreglass is stiffer than you could ever need.

    With any shoes though, you should head to the LBS, especially with Bonts are they are a bit marmite.