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Old Quill Seatpost Question

ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
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Hey Everyone. :D

New here. I just acquired an older 10 speed bike, a Bridgestone Kabuki Super Speed but it's missing the seat. It has an old quill type post but it is in good shape. I was wondering what modern seat will fit onto this style post?
I used to ride my Dad's old 80's ten speed all through high school but since then I have only rode "recreational" type bikes but I want to get back into a bike that can really cover some ground in a day. This bike crossed my path and the badge on the front is totally badass, not to mention the bike is my favorite color: Bright Orange. Really got my blood up. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I would really appreciate any advice on how to properly fit a new seat onto this old stem or if that's not possible, replace the whole stem/seat apparatus. The type of seat I had in mind was one of those types that is particularly kind to the male anatomy, if you know what I mean. :wink:


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Photo will help but most don't have any spare seat collar to allow you to fit a regular cost and clamp. Try putting a wanted on somewhere like Retrobike for a quill-post but you'll need to know the diameter.
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  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    Heya Monty, thanks for the reply. :)

    Yeah so I do have the post, just not the seat. Do you mean put a wanted on the whole thing, seat, post and all?

    I'm going to try and post some pictures today, hopefully within the next half-hour. That should clarify things a bit. Also, what are the common sizes for the diameter of the post do you know? It's tough to measure a post imho so it would help to know when I go looking.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Most common size is 27.2mm with other common sizes being 26.4 or 27.0 but some go down as small as 24.6 or 25mm. Measuring the external diameter of the seatube could help - decent tubing is in the region of 0.8mm wall thickness. A decent LBS will have a gauge or simply use a pair of digital calipers.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11





    The last one is just to show the cool-censored badge on the front lol. Did I mention I'm smitten with this bike?
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    Thanks for the link, craker. :wink:
    So that will fit on there eh? If so then I am feeling on the right track. The only thing is I'm in the States and I hear shipping from the UK is pretty high these days. Also, I was wondering, would something a little slimmer in profile be better suited to the bike? I really don't know as it's been ages since I've ridden a road bike so I'm genuinely asking.
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    that was the only one I could find! I think you'll find most saddles have the same arrangement of rails, you just need the clamp that fits on a 25mm seatpost and whatever saddle you like. Now there's a subject with a lots of opinions.

    There's this for five of her majesty's pounds, I imagine they'll ship to the colonies if you haven't got shops there yet :wink:
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    Right, now that looks like it would do the trick, craker... I am going to ask the seller if they ship to the States.
    Now I wonder what would be a good fit for a seat? As I mentioned in the OP I would like something that has a hole in it for comfort in the nether-regions. Obviously I'm not too picky but I remember my Dad's bike was awfully uncomfortable and was just a piece of steel under a tiny bit of 1/4" foam and pleather. Basically I'm not all that concerned with weight and such and more with comfort and remaining virile. :P However, I'd like a seat that would allow me to push myself without too much interference.
    Btw, Lolz @ the colonies jab. :mrgreen:
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    As it happens, that seller no longer ships internationally. At any rate I have a much better idea what it is I am looking for. Still open to suggestions on the seat, however. I am looking to spend under $30.00 before shippig(sorry, not sure how many pounds/euros that is).
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739

    Lots there from

    As I said earlier, lots of opinions about saddles - hard isn't such a bad thing IMO, get some padded shorts and start putting the miles in.
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    Thanks, craker!

    Would this seat+clamp work?: (it's from the page you linked)

    Or would you recommend something a little higher end?

    If you had a decent "middle of the road" recommendation I would just order the clamp and the seat and get on with it. :mrgreen:
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    For $20 you can't go wrong with what you've linked to, though you might want to email the seller to find out what tube diameters the clamp is suitable for. If it's rubbish (at that price it's not going to be top notch) then chuck it away when you've got something better. The problem with this kind of seatpost is that they tend to be on the cheapest bikes so there's no market for quality clamps, the ones I've seen listed all look pretty poor. I tend to buy secondhand saddles from the likes of the classifieds on this forum mostly on the basis that they match my bikes ;-)
  • ClavdivsClavdivs Posts: 11
    Still waiting on an answer from the seller regarding what size posts that setup will accept...
    I'm assuming that the clamp needs to fit on the narrowest part of the post(nearest the bolt on top)? The post is actually thinner at the top than the bottom but I'm not sure if the picture I provided shows that clearly.
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