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Hi guys

I am currently looking for a carbon frame as an upgrade from my aluminium frame. I have seen a Look KG381 Team for sale which has had little use and is in great condition. I have been slowly upgrading my current bike and have everything I need apart from the frame.

Problem is that I am struggling to find out information on it.

What years was this model made?

What bb does it run?

I am 6'2 and the frame is 58. Anyone experience with looks to say if this size would be roughly correct?

Finally, has anyone got or had this model who could share experience?



  • markynulty
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    Oh and main intended use is racing and fast hilly rides
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    I have a LOOK KG386, again purchased as a frame used for my first carbon bike. Size is 57cm and I'm 6.1(1/2) and it fits me perfect.

    I'm reluctant to build the new v'expensive frame in my garage in case I don't like it as my look, you will not find much info on these bikes however, I've been there..

    my 10yr old look frame has features the generic market are stil only filtering down from the top models to the mid-range etc.
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    Untitled by Mike Lyon, on Flickr
  • markynulty
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    Ah cool. How does it ride? Is there much flex near the bb?
  • mrbrightside
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    Rides real nice, but they don't have much to compare it to. BB in standard English thread.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    The KG 381 was an awesome frame for what I remember
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    Hi Mark
    By the beast. I'v been riding the 381 in the so called Jalabert version for 10 gears - red and Black carbon, Jalabert signaturen. Its an Old frame - 2000 - 2001 is ny guess. Nice and quick responce but still comfortable.

    True - Its Hard to get any information on the frame. I've tried to get info from Look France - but to bee honest they never reply.

    Up and down Galibier, Croix de Fer, alpe d'huez and the plains here in Denmark - it's reliable.

    Best regards

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    Hi, sorry to piggy back on this thread but "juncker"/frank, do you still have your KG381 Jalabert? I have one but need a little help.

    Regards Daniel