Campagnolo veloce drive train issues...

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Intending to go out for bikes and beers last night, about a mile from home, my left-hand crank arm comes off. It's still clipped to my shoe, so no real damage, and I can find a couple of round bits in the road, but there seems to be no way of locking it on to the axle, and I don't know what else has disappeared into the gutter. The round bits, one is a black washer kind of thing, the other is a coppery-coloured round flat spring kind of thing. Can anyone tell me what I need to get it back working?

I also need a new chain and cassette due to wear. It's Veloce 9 speed 12-23; Chain Reaction have a note that you can get an 11-25 without locking ring and if you have a "CT-TM type crankset". I haven't seen this cassette on any other site though, will I be able to fit it?


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    Most likely you have a square taper chainset, so you need to get it checked if the crank arm is not damaged... if not, then you just need to bolt it back onto the BB axle, those bolts are quite common. If damaged, then you need a new crank arm or chinaset, which means Ebay.
    Campagnolo use a ISO taper, which IS NOT the same as Shimano and others which use a JIS taper
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    NOS 9 speed chainsets are still available so replacement but not veloce can be sourced. I hope your tapers are not damaged though. 9 speed freehub bodies use different lock ring threading to the modern 9/10/11 speed freehubs. A 9 speed freehub will take a 10 or 11 speed cassette though. Just keep the lockring from your current cassette and fit the new cassette. No worries then. -wheel building and other stuff.