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Has just informed me of 2 things one I can't mention and the other I was told not to mention but will - The Isle of Man festival has been cancelled - yes a shock I know.

The line up included johnny marr and primal scream. Now the point is this - why are there no museums about museums - a giant museum that houses museums - a bit like the way an eggbox is not made of eggs.

So lets build a museum along the lines of this plan


So if So if, So if, Soooo if, if you're one of the people who bought a ticket to see Johnny Marr on the Isle Of Wight festival this July mistaking Wight for Man -then you wont feel left out.

And if Mrs Toddy,my friend, is reading this then you replacement lease car isready to be picked up from my house on Thursday. The Lithuanians have finally managed to successfully navigate their boat to our sore shores. Well done!!!
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