Helmets, are cheap ones still safe

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Want a helmet for my wife to ware, she doesnt ride that often but would feel safer with one on, we dont want to spend a lot but want the helmet to do the job, are the cheap ones safe or should we spend more for a good one,


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    all helmets sold in the UK have to meet the same safety standards. more expensive might be lighter better vented but they still have to meet the same standard. they might actually do a better job but they dont have to.
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    Spend what you think she's worth.
    Take cover when she sees the receipt.
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    Grab this opportunity.
    you must get her a really nice helmet and tell her she looks great in it.
    and bib-tights and a top nicer than yours. she actually will look great in them. That's your treat.

    we will never know which helmet works best at keeping people alive if indeed any does. It's only a question of style.
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    There are quite a few arguments that cheaper helmets are better as they often have less aggressive fins at the back (stop your head rotating on impact with the ground) and less higher density foam used to make them lighter.

    Have a look on this website generally and here in particular:


    Of course if you buy a cheap one that doesn't fit very well that's not great so don't just get one because it's cheap.
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    I'd have guessed as safe or safer due to their having greater volume of foam to absorb energy. Weight and cheap fittings make it less comfortable for longer rides
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    Agree with the others. Cheaper can often mean better protection. Fit is very, very important. If it doesn't fit the shape of her head properly her noggin can tend to rattle around in the event of a crash. Think small eggs in a carton made for apples. I read an article a few years ago that used scientific testing which confirmed some of the cheaper helmets were more protective than the top of the line "Pro" models. Unfortunately the article is lost in webland somewhere.
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    I'm convinced that the very high prices for some helmets are just marketing. A few years ago I wanted a Catlike whisper plus but they were over £135.00. Halfords have the very same helmet now for under £80.00.
    I've just bought a Hi Viz helmet from Hardnutz. Not mega expensive, £54.00 but the fit, quality and style is excellent.
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    Just get which ever looks the best.
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