Taking my bike to the Alps, Insurance?

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I'm doing Raid Alpine (Geneva to Nice) in July, and am going to take my own bike.

I hope to get a hard bike box (anyone in the Plymouth area want to lend me one?!), but am now thinking about insurance.

So if my bike gets damaged in transit am I able to claim from the airline? What if it completely goes missing?

We are flying with Easyjet.

I'll get travel insurance, but am unsure if the personal items / luggage on such a policy limit will cover a bike?

Can anyone recommend a bike specific travel insurance policy?

The replacement value for my bike is something like £4k, although I didnt pay that much secondhand.



  • navrig
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    Depends what you are insuring against. I have an annual travel policy which covers the family for all holidays (within reason). It covers me for the activity of cycling but not the bike either in transit or use.

    I got quotes from the British Cycling website for a recent Alps trip. Typically £130 and even then there was some doubt about the cover during transit. For me it did not represent a good balance between risk and cost to replace - the bike would only be out my possession during transit so theft was not a big issue. Damage and breakage would then be the concern. So if someone jumped up and down on my bag breaking the frame I would have to spend £450 on a new frame (not £1200 on a new bike). £130 vs £450 was not good value so I travelled without bike protection.

    Better spending the £130 on a bag and some additional packing materials all of which are reusable.
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    House insurance with Chubb. Broker confirmed bike covered whenever (inc. races) and wherever (Europe included)