Setup K-Edge Chain Catcher on shimano tiagra 2013

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Hi all
How does one setup a K-Edge Chain Catcher on a shimano tiagra FD 2010? I would like to buy one of these but I am clueless on how to set it up on my Front derailleur, as there is no screw facing forward on it. Also which model Chain Catcher as there seem to be three models produced by K-Edge.
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  • TommyEss
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    If you've got a band-on FD then you can't use either of the bolt-on chain catchers. You'll either need the extortionately priced band-on chain catcher, or you could try a dog fang (about £6). These will both only work if you've got a pretty normal size and shaped seat tube though - on my carbon framed bike neither of these would fit.
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    The alternative would be to source a braze on type front mech and use an adaptor. If you get a Token chain catcher, that might still end up cheaper than using preposterously priced K-Edge kit.
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