Boardman Team road bike or Carrera Virago.

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For some the title is a no brainier and would opt for the Boardman. However, the price difference is £100 and I'm able to get the Mavic Aksium wheels for £145.00 from Decathlon to replace the Mavic CXP-22s, which I will sell on to offset getting the Mavic Aksium.

So all in all the comparison will be a standard Boardman Team Road bike against a Carrera Virago with Mavic Aksium wheels for roughly the same price.

What would you guys do? Opinions? Thoughts?


  • Boardmans look extremely dull to me, whats the Carrera like looks wise?
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    I have no knowledge of Carrera really but generally think of Boardman as been the better brand - their bikes do get good reviews & I think re-sale value may be better. Is there anything worong with the Boardmans wheels - what are they?
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    I would be tempted by the Carrera to be honest.
    If the name is anything to go by it will be a very stiff frame :lol:

    Think you will get a further 10% off if you join BC (assuming you are not already a member) which is a £62 saving + years free BC membership.
    You could buy even better wheels :D
  • chichee
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    The break down comes to this...

    Boardman Team Road bike has the Mavic Aksium wheels but not the carbon frame whereas the Carrera Virago has the carbon frame but has the Mavic CXP-22s.

    Also, the Virago is £100 cheaper too.
  • Hmm, but also the Boardman has a nice fizik arione saddle and full 105 brakes. I personally think the Boardman has the better frame and ride but only from what I've read. Have you seen the special edition model? Its a grand because it has tiagra and cxp22's but it has the same frame tho as the more expensive team carbon.
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  • Ignore me just noticed its the team road bike you are on about, not the team carbon!
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