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Making the switch from flat pedals to clipless and i've been out this weekend looking at shoes. I've seen a couple I like but one pair has laces, the other velcro straps. I can see the obvious advantage of velcro - no laces to get caught in the chain, but given I've been told once i'm clipped in, I can start pulling up on the pedals as well as pushing down, do velcro straps keep their strength. I have memories of velcro strapped shoes from my school days and I seem to recall the velcro losing its strength after a while. Is this likely to happen, or should it make no difference between laces and velcro?
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  • craigleesecraigleese Posts: 68
    Velcro straps are fine pal, mine have never come loose! Take the plunge, loads easier pedalling with cycling shoes!
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