Argon 18 Gallium

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I'm looking at buying an Argon 18 Gallium or Gallium Pro frame, are there any folk out there with one, what do you think of it and is the Pro worth the extra. Cheers.


  • Calpol
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    Looks a nice frame. One (complete bike)went on Ebay last night for a paltry £620. If it had been a large I would have bought it.
  • stueys
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    My mates had both, says there is a noticable difference in stiffness on the pro and he rated it. Not sure hat in depth insight helped you much :D
  • Bozman
    Bozman Posts: 2,518
    Well it looks like the gallium is out if the window anyway, I'm firmly stuck between a small and medium, the small leaves me with a monster drop to the bars and the mediums TT is to long.
  • galatzo
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    I've always fancied one however the headtubes are just too small in my size even when built up to the full height with the adjustable facility they have (can't remember what it's called but you add huge spacers that are more like part of the frame to increase headtube length).
    I don't ride sportive bikes (although just bought a Scott CR1 SL but wouldn't say that is a sportive bike by any stretch of the imagination) either but these are just too low for me.
    Nice bikes but quite racey.
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