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Any Marmotte Ladies?

MarikMarik Posts: 40
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Just wondering if anyone out there is doing or has ever done La Marmotte? Two weeks to go, utterly terrified, looking for confirmation that its do-able by female mortals, even if outwith the time limit.


  • jaxfjaxf Posts: 109
    well done getting a place, and best of luck. Hope you really enjoy it.
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Of course it is. Plenty of lardy blokes do it. It's a bike ride up some long climbs. Go at your pace not the pace you believe everybody is going at.Avoid the lunatics who believe they are descending gods. Have you any experience of this terrain? Have both hot and cold weather clothing ready for the day. Check the forecast beforehand. Remember arm/kneewarmers for the early descents if it's cool. Once you are at the top of the Glandon it's only a couple of km to the summit of Croix de Fer. Remember to eat and drink constantly. Stopping for 15 secs to refill a water bottle isn't a big time loss but dehydration will be (have you got an electrolyte like Nuun?). Are you on your own or in a group with a company or have you got support out on the road?
  • MarikMarik Posts: 40
    Thanks for the good wishes jaxf, and to mrushton for wise words & encouragement. Have cycled some of the cols before, but never more than one a day, even that took ages. Just me & other half doing it, so no support en route. But great to get such a positive reply - yep, it's just a bike ride - feeling better already :D
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    It is a tough route. Worth looking at the profiles on climbbybike. Glandon is 20km,Telegraphe 12km,Galibier 18km and AdH 14km. Break the route into those sections. I'd expect to have drunk at least a bottle per climb, more if hot. Remember you do pass shops en route so you could stop and buy water/fruit/juice as you go. Get a large bottle and fill all your bottles.I find the Telegraphe hard but like the Galibier, it gets more spectacular as you go higher. You'll go downhill into Valloire then a right/left and you start climbing right away. The run down off the Galibier is super fast - you can get to 60kph without much effort then it's a steady ride to AdH.If hot, unzip your jersey at the base of the climbs, if wet, unzip your gilet/rainjacket so you don't overheat. You should be eating often and if neccessary supplement with gels esp. on the Galibier and before AdH. First 3km are tough then the corners start - it can be a suntrap on there I've climbed the Galibier in July and the summit was closed by snow and 2 hours later I was going up AdH in 28 deg C. Remember to look around and enjoy the scenery on the ride and enjoy yourself
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