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Post ankle surgery support

paully617paully617 Posts: 139
Hi all,
In Feb of this year i finally had an op to repair the peroneal tendons in my left ankle....again.
This time the damage that was caused was as the surgeon described "bloody severe".

I had my 3 month post op review this week and although i am now walking around unaided and virtually free from pain, back to flying status, and riding both my bikes again, my surgeon has "recommended" that i quit mtb'ing.

Not the words i wanted to hear!!!!!!

I have my own physio and am about to undertake a 3 week intensive rehab programme to strengthen it but my question for you all is......

Does anyone use an ankle support and if so which ones would you recommend.

Oooops that 2 questions!!!!



p.s how do i put a pic into a thread??
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  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    here is a pic taken mid op by the surgeon. bit grim!!!
    Trek Remedy 9.8 2013
  • SitterSitter Posts: 40
    Although not used for biking, I have a neoprene one I picked up from Boots, think the brand was Elastoplast. Slides on like a sock with rigid struts either side and two straps that then cross and Velcro to the top of the support (hope you get the gist with the description, tried looking on the Boots website but couldn't find it). Gave me a little extra support when walking around the mountains after a broken ankle and I wore it a few times under my old snowboard boots when I first got back on the board. Would probably be best asking your surgeon/physio as I know some of them say try and avoid relying on them too much as you don't build up as much strength. I don't use mine much any more, was more a confidence thing as I was paranoid I was going to roll my ankle and snap it again like I did the first time!
  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    hi mate, my surgeon says that if it goes again, then he will need to transplant some tendon from my hamstring into my ankle and best estimate is 50% functionality. not looking rosy at the mo. especially since i have a new bike for 2013!!!

    i have an aircast neoprene sock which i use from time to time but if i want to continue doing some serious riding, i will need to convince my doc that things are safe.
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  • SitterSitter Posts: 40
    Hmmm, good luck with that one, guess you've got to try and explain to the doc that you're not an aggressive MTB'er.

    I was lucky in that I somehow got away with very little damage to anything but the bone, which is why they decided not to operate and pin my ankle unless it failed to heal properly. Thankfully it seems to have done, I just get the odd day when it gets a little stiff/aches a bit but that is usually due to extended days on the snowboard.
  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    I went to my doc today and explained everything in lay men's terms and he has referred me back to my physio for an intensive physio course and also to look into every avenue of sport support braces.
    If anyone has used any sports braces that are actually any good, please feel free to recommend them.
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