Whats the best way to transport stuff in a bag cycling?

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I did a long cycle (well for me anyway) of about 60 miles on back lanes up and down hills and on main roads. My aim was to get to bristol and spend the night with a friend there, so I needed smart casual clothes when i got there for when we went out in the evening. I invested in a avenir quick release bike rack and put two ortlieb panniers on. I didn't really enjoy the cycle too much and the hills were hard going maybe its because i'm unfit and was carrying too much, but still the panniers bags would sometimes hit my spokes when i swayed the bike. So I want to sell the pannier system and try something else more lightweight and compact, does anyone have any suggestions? Is the saddle bag the best option and if so whats the best bag out there?


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    Ummm.. Where to start.... 60 miles with luggage in the Brizle area is never going to be without a good amount of effort. The obvious things to start with are carry less, load your panniers so they're immobile, don't climb out of the saddle.
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    I'm assuming that the rack is a seatpost one. Those can be very effective for racktop bags, but less-than-ideal for panniers. On a conventional rack, they work very well.

    As for your luggage situation, it really depends on what you're wanting to carry. I'm guessing from your post that you probably don't have rack eyes. For serious luggage capacity, a really big saddlebag (eg. Carradice Camper Longflap) would be a good bet, though you would need to invest in some mounting hardware (bag loops if your saddle doesn't have them, and a bag support). If your needs are more modest, I'd look into a seatpost bag - try the Carradice SQR range.
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    Small backpack say 20L would be ideal and save the hassle of rack, panniers etc