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beginners bike with £800 budget??

Gazza_24Gazza_24 Posts: 6
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Hi all,

I'm new to this and have recently taken the plunge into getting a road bike.

I have done a little bit if research and have narrowed it down to a few bikes but I'm after some advice on them from you experts ;-)

Felt F95 Team issue ... e-ec046308

Scott Speedster 40 Triple 2013 ... e-ec046308

FUJI Sportif 1.1 Compact 2013 ... e-ec041878

Cube Peloton Triple 2013 ... _57706.htm

I'm also open to suggestions too.




  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    Giant defy 2 would be a good bet.
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  • neilrobinsneilrobins Posts: 102
    Try Dolan or Ribble they both do bike builders on their web sites so you can Tailor your bike and budget. I went for the Dolan Mythos and have gradually upgraded over time, which suited me as I was unsure when i started what I wanted from the bike.
  • bagz3bagz3 Posts: 253
    Whatever you buy, I recommend going for a compact over triple. I bought a triple (granny cog) and regret it a little bit now. Just my opinion
  • Gazza_24Gazza_24 Posts: 6
    bagz3 wrote:
    Whatever you buy, I recommend going for a compact over triple. I bought a triple (granny cog) and regret it a little bit now. Just my opinion

    Excuse my lack of knowledge but does a compact have just 2 cogs at the front and the triple being 3 :oops:
  • BlandiblubBlandiblub Posts: 134
    Yup, got it. I'm a complete novice at this too but just learned by reading a lot on here. It's very helpful!

    Triples give you three cogs which descend down in size making it progressively easier for hills. There'd be say 50 / 38 / 30 teeth on the three cogs.

    Compact doubles are very popular these days and you get 50 / 34 with the latter being somewhat of an inbetween compared to the 38 / 30 in the example above.

    I'm sure those with more knowledge than me will add more useful info!
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  • ck101ck101 Posts: 222
    My advice for any newbie is get a bike you can fit full mudguards on, that way you will have a bike you can cycle all year round. All the other alternatives to full guards are censored , seriously. If you only cycle when the weather is fine you will not get out that often, IMHO.

    When you decide you like cycling and are getting in a fair amount of training in you can buy another bike, full carbon with close clearances and relegate your first bike to a pure winter / bad weather bike.

    That's more or less what I did, I also bought 3 x Carbons but the bike with the mudguard is the bike is use 70% of the time. Maybe Gazza you live in Vegas or Dubai, if so discard my advice.

    Lots of choice for bikes that take full guards, Ribble, Dolan, Trek, Genesis are a few I'd consider.
  • Gazza_24Gazza_24 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the replies I shall definitely look into this a bit more before I make my purchase,

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