CAAD10 ultegra bike weight?

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Hi what's the total weight of the ultegra CAAD10 2012 bike? I can't find it on the Cannondale Website


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    What size?

    The CAAD10 has a sophisticated, highly developed frame weighing just 1,274g (an all-carbon fork adding 420g)


    CAAD10’s claimed 1,150-gram frame weight (56cm) with black anodized paint.
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  • Here is the weight of the Ultegra gruppo: 2,441g or 5.38lb.
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    Don't get too hung up on the total weight of an off the shelf bike. They normally come with cheaper wheels that aren't that light. If you're serious about wanting a really light bike the first thing you'll do it change them! The CAAD10 is a pretty light and very efficient frame, that's the important thing. It's a great base to build a really light bike on.

    I have a CAAD5 and there's one on Weight Weenies that's a shade over 6.5kg! Mine is Dura-Ace but it's a triple, with older 1600g Ultegra wheels and pedals it's about 7.7kg. It has the older fork with the alloy steerer, the CAAD10 all carbon fork is 250-300 lighter and that's just one part. With the all carbon fork and lighter wheels / tyres I could get it down to around 7 easily. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    My un-modified 54" is more or less bang on 8kg with Keo Blade Pedals, a bottle holder and Vittoria Pave tyres.
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  • Thanks all, yep I will be replacing the wheels for something a little lighter. The finishing kit seems reasonable on the bike too. I originally just wanted to buy the frame but I can't seem to get good of one.
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    Built up my 2013 race bike with a CAAD10 frameset from Westbrook Cycles.
    circa 7.4kg
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    The weight that is generally quoted for a standard Ultegra bike, in a 56, is 7.8kgs.

    I have a 2012 version but have swapped the standard Aksium wheels for some carbon tubs, saving 400g's. I swapped the saddle to an Arione but everything else is standard. I really like the CAAD10, perfect race bike.
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