Strava Errors

spaceman147 Posts: 77
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Happened to me last night, some very angry Americans about.

And yes, I will be flagging it later.


  • Dorset_Boy
    Dorset_Boy Posts: 6,917
    Frightening that on your 11,998 km segment you only had your second best time! :shock: :lol:

    I also like how your average speed is about 12x your max speed! 531 kmh is pretty impressive top speed on a bike!
  • adr82
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    Hah you were just being complained about in another thread I think! :P viewtopic.php?f=40013&t=12918138&start=40#p18387870

    I'm sure I've seen a couple of rides like that before where you get that north/south line down to the equator and back. The comments are amusing :)