White Spirit for chain

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I've soaked my chain in the past with white spirit and it came up like new after a bit of a shake. However this time, despite two lots of lube i'm still getting noise from my drive train.

So just wondering if white spirit does the chain more harm than good ?

I always give it a good rinse in hot water with a bit of detergent and let it dry out before applying lube.

Any thoughts?


  • alihisgreat
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    What kind of lube are you using? Could be worth spraying some penetrating lubricant through it to make sure you're working lubricant right into the links.

    I give my chain a spray of TF2 after cleaning

  • shinsplint
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    This is the stuff im currently using.

    http://www.finishlineusa.com/products/t ... s-lube.htm

    I try to avoid putting too much on to avoid a build up of general grime.
  • sungod
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    white spirit is perfectly fine for degreasing a chain, just make sure the chain is dry before relubing

    a new chain has a heavy grease on it, proper degreasing removes that, using much lighter lubricants may make it a bit noisier, fwiw i use a sticky syn lube on mine, after drying, i put the chain in its plastic box, put the oil on and leave it to let the lube seep in before using (obviously you need spare chains to do this)

    some ptfe lubes need a really good shake before applying, i'd err on the generous side to ensure plenty is getting inside the rollers

    depending on which make/model drivetrain, noise can vary a lot, some get noisier if the rear mech adjustment isn't just right (both indexing and b-screw), might be worth checking
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    old debate will arise, soaking chains can naff them as it can clear out the oil in the rollers which is hard then to get it all lubed up again (unless soaking it again as sungod suggests.
  • shinsplint
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    Cheers guys.

    I've give it a generous lube and see how it goes.
  • jomoj
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    for ultimate deep clean - soak in white spirit (or a more environmentally friendly degreaser) then put it in the sink and pour a kettle of boiling water over it to flush the white spirit and remaining crap out. You'll be amazed how much crud will come out.

    This will clear out the lube inside the rollers but as long as you re-lube properly then that shouldn't be a problem.
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    I use white spirit...the problem using it as a cleaner is getting the stuff out afterwards. If you don't your chain will go black immediately and it'll dissolve the lube you just put on. So i use as a cleaner (with Park Tools chain cleaner), then wipe down to remove excess and wash again with a citrus degreaser, and then rinse off with water and dry. Then lube with ProGold ProLink.
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  • shinsplint
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    Put another lot of lube on before my ride last night (oo'er), not a murmur :)