1982 Colnago Super - modern setup. Dangerous for the frame?

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I got hold of a Colnago Super (sarroni) of 1982 (Colombus SL tubing). I am thinking of creating a bike with a classic gorgeous frame, with modern equipment(Veloce/Centaur 2009 groupset, carbon wheels,seatpost etc.)

I am doing weekend rides and 200-300 km audaxes.

I was told that the modern equipment maybe too hard as material for the kind of steel 1982 bikes used for frame material and as a result the frame may eventually crack and I should go for vintage series.

IS it true? Is there danger for the frame? Anyone had actually such an experience?

Thank you in advance


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    the rear gate on the frame may be an issue with modern axle width... too hard what do you mean?
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    The materials of the series are too hard compared to the materials used in groupsets in 1982. So they create different tensions on the frame and it could eventually crack.

    A 10 sp can be fitted in in the frame. Talked to a frame builder and said that it can be done with no effect on the frame structure.
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    You can do it, but don't do it.. it is a very sought after frame and could be dressed with period components... cold setting the rear triangle is ruining it on the collector point of view... your choice
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    I have a 1985 Colnago Mexico frameset that I have owned from new. Three years ago I decided to get it back on the road, but I wanted modern components, So...

    First thing I did was take it to Bob Jacksons in Leeds and sought their advice on restoration/sizing and parts etc. They then fully restored the frame. It was totally stripped of all paint and chrome and the rear triangle was cold set from 126mm to 130 allowing for the wider axles. I changed the colour too as I always wanted a red one so now its Ferrari Red! They did an unbelievable job with paint, rechroming the rear triangle and the front lugs plus all detailing in white, cant recommend them highly enough

    They also consulted Colnago for me as I fancied changing the front fork to a Colnago Carbon Street fork with 1" steerer (not cheap at £300 a pop but there you go) Colnago said no problem as my frame has a head angle of 72 degrees and therefore this fork works fine.

    Only this year did I have the funds to crack on with it, having been delayed big time on my CLX 3.0 order (which I cancelled in the end). It now has a full Campy record 11 speed groupset, with Bullet 50mm Carbon Rims, 3T Cockpit of ARX team stem and Ergonova bars and a Prologo Saddle. I also bought the matching 3T Dorico Seatpost but decided my old skool Campy record Aero seatpost looks much nicer so the Dorico post is redundant. I also stayed away from modern bottle cages and stuck to a black wire one. The modern cages look too big on the tubes of old frame (my opinion obviously)

    So far, its comfier than it ever was before, weighs in at 17lbs and cruises nicely. Only had one wobble on it when a gust of wind caught it going fast downhill but thats down to the rims and I should perhaps not have gone out on deep set ones that day.

    I have bounced it over some big potholes etc (not on purpose obviously) and all is well. Still experimenting with the tension on the steering top cap but a minor issue. I might change the graphics on the bullet wheels yet too and put on some more conventional Campy ones similar to the Bora's

    So in summary does it damage your frame - I doubt it but there are no guarantees in this life!
    Does your frame have to have a retro look - no, its your bike and it takes modern gear and looks incredible. Get what you want not what other people think you should get unless you agree of course !

    If I can work out how to upload a picture on here I shall ad mine on. Before anyone has a go, its my dream bike this side of a C59 and I would still never sell the Mexico!!


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    Hopefully this worked ?!?!
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    Yep, it worked!
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    Complete rubbish that new kit on old frame is too much for the frame. However ride your long audax's on a period groupset. I really use my 2x6 speed Alan for fast 80 mile rides and it is perfect.
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