What to put on pedal threads and freehub?

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Whats the best (or just ok really) thing to put on pedal threads to stop them seizing up?
Same question for cassettes on freehub bodies.

My daughters pedals unwound at the weekend which I found odd. Have never had a problem with any other bike\pedal but getting a little worried now.

Are they just cr*p pedals or wrong goo on them?

Thanks in advance for any help ;-)


  • rhext
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    I use anti-seize grease, and I make sure I don't tighten them too much in the first place. Never had any problem wtih them unwinding: they're threaded so that pedalling tightens them...wonder if she has a habit of backpedalling.

    Even with anti-seize on them, I struggle to release them from the commuter bike after a while. I tend to buy cheap SPDs and treat them as a disposable spare (so throw them away with the chainset when it wears out). for my 'best' bikes I tend to loosen and retighten them every six months or so.

    I don't bother with anything for cassettes on freehubs, but that may be more ignorance than good advice.
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    Lithium grease.
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    Thanks guys. I'll get some anti seize for the pedals as it freaked me out a bit :shock:

    She was free wheeling a lot but not back peddling. I have binned the pedals and ordered some new ones. They are still a stop gap until happy with clipless on new bike, but are far grippier (she has them on MTB) than ones it came with.
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