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planet x pro carbon sl

tubbs_214tubbs_214 Posts: 185
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
right well i was knocked off my bike a few weeks ago and im waiting for my claim to go through for my bike, as this could take a while i was thinking about getting the above frame and transfering the groupset and my old fulcrum racing 5s to that so i had a decent bike to ride during the summer, im back to my old btwin triban 3 although im using the fulcrums on that the frame bike is no where near as nice to ride as my cube was, ive read that there is a issue of speed wobble and flex while climbing out of the saddle, i do like to give it the beans on decents and ive only expperiance speed wobble once and it wasnt very fun

so i was just wandering if any body had any experience on this or the frame flex

also any other frame recommendations in the same price range would be help full

many thanks mark


  • ba68ba68 Posts: 156
    I have one, I also have some Fulcrum 5's on it, I haven't had any flex, it's a great bike for the price but if I was buying now I would seriously consider an RT 57 or 58.
  • forward_loopforward_loop Posts: 314
    cant really comment on the flex - too light/not powerful enough. This frame was absolutely great on descents though - very easy to dial in aswell, used it for several weeks in the Alps/Gran Canaria no speed wobble at all taking it consistently up to my max
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