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replacement for rock shox indy

nagmagwagnagmagwag Posts: 3
edited June 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a trusty Trek 930 mountain bike whick is still used regularily. Some years ago I upgraded the wheels and hubs with good Mavic kit and fitted a complete shimano LX group set. It all works fine and I have no trouble keeping up with friends on latest carbon fibre kit on single track. Problem is the rock shox indy elastomer fork was well past it and was rashly removed and consigned to local council recycling depot last month. Only now do I find that this is a very rare size fork. In short I need something with an axle to crown (bottom of steerer tube) length of 435mm with 80mm travel. There are loads of other good forks out there with 1/1/8th steerer tubes but the axle to crown lengths are typically 460mm and upwards. All this does is lift the front of the bike and turn a sweet handling frame into the Harley Davidson equivalent of the mountain bike world. So, to get to the point. Does anyone still produce a simple short travel fork with axle to crown dimension of 435mm?


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