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Hey Guys,

I am 20 years old and have recently started doing triathlons using a 41 year old Sun GT road bike. I haven't done badly at all but have a half ironman in september so am looking to upgrade to a more suitable bike but on a budget.

The two new bikes I'm looking at are:

- The Indigo Vuelta AR2 http://www.bikesdirect365.com/products/ ... b2tR7XviSo

- The Raleigh Airlite http://www.discountcyclesdirect.co.uk/c ... s_id=12816

I am 6'2 and have an inside leg of 35" so am struggling to find many second hand bikes within my price range (under £400) but am open to any suggestions.

At the moment to Indigo seems like the better choice due to the full sora setup but I'm worried the position might be a bit tough if I want to do a full ironman (100+ miles) the year after.

Many Thanks in advance



  • nochekmate
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    You should definitely look secondhand at your budget.

    I wouldn't be confident of the Indigo standing up to a 112 mile ride never mind the considerable mileage that needs to be done in training beforehand.

    Stretch your budget to £500 secondhand and it should give you the opportunity to buy something of decent quality.

    I've sent a PM which might be worth reading.
  • Hey Nochekmate

    Cheers for the private messages and brilliant advice, unfortunately it doesn't allow me to private message on this forum yet but I have definitely taken you're comments on board.

    If you wouldn't mind pm-ing me an email address it would be interesting to discuss further.

    Kind Regards