Toupe vs. Toupe Plus?

rnath Posts: 176
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Having gone through the usual merry-go-round of trying out many saddles I always seem to go back to a Toupe Expert. The shape fits me but I find it a bit hard on the sit bones on long rides which is the main reason I end up trying other saddles. Before I waste even more hard-earned, has anyone tried the Toupe Plus by comparison and found it significantly kinder? Cheers...


  • rgluke
    rgluke Posts: 10
    I have a Toupe+ and a Toupe Pro, the Pro is more comfortable even though it is less padded - could also be down to it being carbon and therefore more flexible though
  • Grill
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    The Pro is stiffer than the + and the S-Works stiffer still. I too find the Pro and S-works more comfy as I tend to crush the softer saddles which causes chaffing and bruising.
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