Enough with the wind

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Just been out for what I was hoping would be 40mile ish run. The wind however had better ideas, gusting in every direction other than to provide a tailwind it was a battle to stay upright and maintain any sort of decent forward momentum. Got fed up at the halfway point and ducked out and headed for home with a measly 21miles on the clock, grrrrrrrr.

Why is it always so damn bloody windy these days?! (not looking for meteorological explanations, just looking for sympathy!)


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    I had planned on getting out today for a ride, but the wind is just too strong for me to risk it. Shame, as I really needed to get out after a very busy week.
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    Didums! Read the rules http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/ see 5 and 9

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    Windy yes, but not unrideable. Just need to accept your average speed will be lower.

    A good 45 - 50 miles this morning in the knowledge that the effort will be worth it when it comes to race day.


  • Why is it always so damn bloody windy these days?! (not looking for meteorological explanations)

    Well I am. Why is it so fecking windy these days?

    Just pissed off with it now.

    Hey, maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!
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    Resistance training :D I'm gutted I'm stuck at work all day and missing the fun! Nothing better that going up hill just as fast as you can cycle down it wooooo
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    I find that you just need to plan your route more carefully on windy days, try and find a route with lots of shelter into the headwind (tall hedges, copses etc) and you barely notice it (wind was about 18-20mph down my way this morning)
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    really windy here to but the heavy rain as well put paid to my ride this morning...lets hope tomorrow is better.
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    very windy here but managed my first 62mls,though felt like a lot more.
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    elderone wrote:
    very windy here but managed my first 62mls,though felt like a lot more.

    You mean "100km" :D
    Nice riding elderone, especially in the wind! Kudos!
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    Well, it's been gusting to 40mph here and the rain was so hard that when out in the car after lunch, I was driving at 20mph and still couldn't see the road in front of me !! Chapeau to he poor bu66er I passed who was braving it, but I think my hour of Sufferfest was Time better spent !
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    Must admit I took one look at the trees bent over in the wind and the black rain swollen clouds scudding across the sky, and I decided to wimp out and spend an hour on the rollers in the garage. My mate cam over and joined me, he riding on a turbo trainer. We looked a right pair of idiots :D

    The weather is really getting me down, must admit.
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  • Been out today, yes it was windy but just get on with it if you wait for a nice day to go out all the time you wouldn't get out much.
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    i went out today, really gusty, I usually head into the wind for the first half or so then makes the second half easier!

    managed to dodge the showers though, its a game i play, if they are very localised showers like we have been having i change my route to avoid them, have to judge the wind speed/direction and the size of the shower! I call it shower slalom! think of the film twister but much more British and instead of devastating storms its drizzle!
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    Don't think I've ever been out without a wind of some sort. Unless its gale force I just get on with it.
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    City Boy wrote:
    elderone wrote:
    very windy here but managed my first 62mls,though felt like a lot more.

    You mean "100km" :D
    Nice riding elderone, especially in the wind! Kudos!
    yep +1 on that...well done elderone :wink:
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    Don't think I've ever been out without a wind of some sort. Unless its gale force I just get on with it.


    It is pretty windy at the moment but this shouldn't really deter us from riding. I managed 55 miles today & I can't say I really enjoyed much of it, but I know it is miles in the bank so just crack on. The only thing with the rain is that it does make braking rather more hazardous on steep descents with traffic around you.

    As others have previously pointed out....

    'Rule 5 & 9 apply'.
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    I did 86 miles (what's that in km's) today in wind, rain & hailstones!! & garmin packing up.
    I'm doing the Notts 100 next weekend with some friends from up there, so need to knock some miles up.
    Surely this weather has to improve, this is madness getting October weather in June.
    For me it takes away a lot of the enjoyment.
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    One advantage of a power meter - it makes the wind less miserable because you can see that you are still going well even if you are crawling into a headwind... It also makes you push harder when you have a tailwind!
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    Why is it always so damn bloody windy these days?! (not looking for meteorological explanations)

    Well I am. Why is it so ******* windy these days?

    Just pissed off with it now.


    Jet stream seems to have decided it wants to be to the south of the UK rather than the north.

    Just get out and make the most of the hard workout it will give you. Head out into the wind and then enjoy getting blown home. I got kitted out and made it about half a mile before deciding my knee needs a few more days to heal :(
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    I think it's more the lack of variety in the conditions for me this year. I can handle showers, headwinds or chilly conditions up to a point but usually it's a fair mix in this country. This year however has been odd in how long the same type of weather has persisted. March to mid-April was the bitterly cold but relatively still weather, pretty much the same every day, and since spring and a little warmth has shown up it's been strong gusts almost every single farkin day...but relatively dry.

    Thus I haven't rolled out the wet bike for well over a month, normally a situation you'd be delighted about in this country, but I found myself remarking to a work colleague recently I'd happily have a ride or two in light rain or showers if the bloody wind died down. It just feels like Groundhog day, same conditions for weeks on end have driven me crackers in different periods this year...guess some of us are never satisfied! I doubt I'll get the chance to find out if several weeks of hot sunny weather get in my head the same way.
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    Got out this morning around 8 as it was nice and blue, fierce headwind for the first 25 odd miles then 45 with either a tailwind or a side wind, defiantly worth putting up with the headwind I think. Still managed 18.1mph average. Happy days.
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    Don't be so negative people. Yes the wind is a pain in the ass but try to put a positive spin on things.

    a) Relish the headwind, bite your stem and dig in, great training.

    b) Have a little recce of Strava and see if there are any nice segments where a moooosive tailwind might come in handy and go and hammer it, KOM guaranteed.... well nearly anyways.
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    I needed to get out today as i'd not been out all week , got the notts 100 at the weekend and i had to get at least another run in before sunday, i just got out on my bike and rode for about a hour and a half, didnt even bother putting the cyclemeter on as the wind was a killer, twas like cycling through treacle, felt good but knackered and the rain held off :D
  • Well I guess at least it's not just me then!

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a bit of wind it's great as some of you say when you head out into the wind and then indulge in that awesome almost vacuum like existence of a tailwind - love it.


    When it's just blowing around in no particular direction and there is no consistent direction like it was today it sucks.

    I get the whole man the F up thing but sometimes I just like to ride for the pleasure of riding and not bury myself in Strava PBs etc.
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    Actually, just checking the ride I uploaded yesterday and I broke my own personal land speed record so the wind ain't so bad!
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    Unfortunately it's unlikely we'll get a prolonged settled period of weather in the near future.

    I don't mind the wind or rain. It's just another challenge when riding. I'd much rather go out on my bike than sit in the house or go down the gym, especially when the sun is out.

    I've played a fair bit of golf too and have been soaked to the skin after the heavens opened on a number of occasions this year. It's all good fun! :D

    Anyone interested in the weather, this is a very good site - http://www.weatherweb.net/wxwebtvcaptainbob.php?ID=755
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    It's when it randomly slams into you from left or right that it's a pain. Even a strong headwind is OK if it is predictable.

    Those gusts which send you 5 ft out into the road - brown shorts time.
  • Left my house at about twenty past eight this morning, wind blowing in every direction.
    Ive only been riding the road bike a couple if weeks did 14 miles last week and 24 .8 miles this week and i averaged 15.8mph and brike 7 PB's on strava :-) took me just over an hour. Get out and ride!
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    It has definitely been much windier than usual this year, in France too. I hate riding into the wind, it just sucks all the enjoyment out of it for me.

    One trick is to set off nice and early into the wind as often it takes time to build up to it's full power. And go out on small protected country roads, and come back on bigger ones.

    Oh and if you can find a big, powerful guy to sit behind, so much the better!

    (For me, this is climate change big time; there has been a fundamental shift in weather patterns, the jetstream has buggered off, and hot summers in the UK are a thing of the past). :?
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    Couple of nice wind assisted strava PRs yesterday... Less windy but damp here in Cornwall today. Will watch tennis first the head out...