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Good day all; I would love some thoughtful consideration on purchasing a new bike..

A little background. I started running a little less than two years ago. I have run 3 Half Marathons and I am currently training for my first marathon. Why am I telling you this? Well simply put, when I dedicate myself to something I am usually all in.

Recently, my buddy and I started talking about riding road bikes as a way to cross train, avoid injury and also break up the monotony of running all the time. This led us to diving into and considering bi & triathalons. I am not looking for a tri-bike, though..

Bottom line, I need a new road bike and all the accessories. My budget is $1,400. I have looked at the Raleigh Revenio 1.0 ($700) & 2.0 ($900) and the Cannondale Synapse 6 Tiagra ($1,300). I like the look of the Cannondale better than the Raleigh, but I felt the store owner who is trying to sell me the Raleigh Revenio explained value of the components much better, so I have a higher degree of confidence with his info..

Not sure what else to say, other than, I am looking forward to reading your comments and ideas. Thank you.


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    Out of the three the Cannondale would be my choice. I don't know much about the other two I'm afraid but Tiagra is a good groupset and the Synapse has a nice frame. I guess the main question is how much riding do you think you'll do and is that budget only for the bike, or for accessories as well? :)
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    If you search the forum for Cycle to Work Scheme (which is a tax benefit in th UK alowing you to purchase a bike upto £1000 through work) you will get lots of reviews of what is out there in your price range (even allowing for the exchange rate).
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    Same advice I would give anyone new to cycling. Go to a bike shop and sit on a few different bikes. Even brands you didn't even think of before. The bike you like the look of isn't always the bike that's best for you. Comfort is paramount and if you get a bike on looks alone prepare for disappointment.